Bling is the New Black at High Point Market

by Barbara on April 17, 2014

While we may all have been adding a pop of color to our décor to spice it up sparkle is definitely leading a wave of glitz and glam in home furnishings. You will find it everywhere, in mirrored finishes on side tables and even larger consoles, in hardware and iridescent fabrics, and definitely in the shiny metallic’s across every category of home furnishings.


The Platinum Collection from Samuel Lawrence Furniture sums up a lot of what is great with this look in this stunning bedroom display. The headboard may be upholstered but those are crystals not buttons tufted in there. Look at the reflective mirrored surfaces on the furniture paired with some great texture and a pewter metallic finish.


I love the wall detail in this room, bright turquoise paint with a lattice ribbon design held in place with more crystal. This would be a great DIY project to add a little drama in a more formal space.


Younger girls get bling to in their own crystal tufted headboard from Room Gear by Samuel Lawrence Furniture. Lilac with metallics and black make a bold statement for any young diva.



Notice the attention to detail with the crystals tufted into the headboard and even fabulous crystal knobs on pieces.


Think a whole room full of bling will be too much for you? How about just an accent piece? These great consoles and chest are from the Accents collection of Pulaski Furniture. I love they mirror behind the great scroll work – still a metallic paint on this piece but my favorite part is the surprise pop of color inside. Don’t you just love surprise details in furniture?


Even in more traditional pieces Accentrics is still adding the mirror and a bright interior!


I’m thinking these chest and consoles are inspiring a new DIY project! The wheels are spinning…now I just need to find the right piece…


This market is the second time I have worked with HMI who manufacture Samuel Lawrence Furniture and Pulaski Furniture they are wonderful sponsors. SLF creates beautiful products that inspire me and I always get to give my opinion in person, you know I love it when I am asked what I think! And I am definitely not one of those people who hedge my bets and say “it’s nice.” What’s the point of that?
Next week I am interviewing Tracey Gibson who designs furniture for Pulaski Furniture. She scoured French flea markets for inspiration for her pieces. It’s a great story – stay tuned!


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The Issue

Like to entertain but don’t have a large kitchen or a big dining room buffet to serve on? Want to dress up your space but are living in a small space and need to make every piece count? A bar cart could be the perfect answer. They are hot right now and for a good reason. They are small pieces that can be easily moved and can serve multiple purposes in crowded spaces. This beautiful cart is over $1,200 but we can make it for under $52.

Arteriors home 1200Arteriors Home $1,200 from Lamps Plus

The YES Design Solution

When I found this rolling wooden tea tray in a thrift shop I knew immediately it would make a beautiful bar cart! It was in good shape, had fairly simple lines and four operational wheels – score.


I decided I would paint it a soft gold and create a faux mosaic tile technique with wooden craft sticks and metallic paint. These finger tiles make a beautiful pattern and I thought I could make an inexpensive version, especially because the tea cart I found had a glass top, so nothing I used had to be water proof or flat, the glass would take care of that! Putting a pop of color behind the tiles would create the perfect contrast to set them off since I would not be using grout.

Amazon tileAmazon

The Materials


  • One wooden tea trolly, check Craig’s List, they are not difficult to find
  • Gray spray primer
  • 1 box of jumbo wooden craft sticks
  • Gold spray paint
  • Bronze spray paint
  • Platinum spray paint
  • I used a soft aqua blue paint I already had to be the contrasting color on the top, use any color that works with your decor
  • Glidden sample size golden brown paint
  • Martha Stewart gold metallic paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The Process

Watch the video first, these instructions are meant to help you remember the order or answer any additional questions

  • Remove the glass (if your piece has any) and wash the tea trolly thoroughly, let it dry
  • Prime the entire piece
  • Paint the entire piece (including the wheels) with the Glidden golden brown. Use a brush and make sure you have nice even coverage
  • Paint over the golden brown with the Martha Stewart gold metallic paint – if you don’t have a rich base coat the metallic does not look warm enough and it is fairly transparent and would take MANY coats with out an undercoat
  • painting-goldPaint the top of the piece – inside the upper tray – with your contrasting color (you actually don’t have to cover this part of the cart with the golden brown and gold)
  • Cut the round ends off the wooden sticks, then cut them in half in the middle, then I split them in half length wise so they would be a more interesting shape – they were not all even and I wanted them that way – hand made tiles are not even only machine made items are each exactly the same
  • Paint the pieces with all three colors, bronze, platinum and gold – I lightly dusted the bronze pieces with gold because the bronze did not seem to have much life
  • painted-sticksLay the pieces out in the pattern you like – I began with darker bronze in the corners and used a random color pattern working toward more silver in the center
  • I left large areas of the blue exposed because it became less interesting to me when the entire top was covered
  • Once I had the pattern I liked I washed the glass top and put it back in place, it protects the wooden “mosaic”mosaic-top-finished

Watch the video if you are confused about any part of this process, or comment and I will respond!

The Outcome

bar-tray-afterI love this piece. It is fresh but blends with my traditional furnishings. It is also stylish but not too fancy to roll out onto the deck for cocktails.

And when it is not in use for entertaining I found a great use for it as part of my home office! I can pull it out to put papers on or tuck it under the counter. It would also make a great printer stand all by itself. How many ways could you use a piece like this?YES-spaces-tray-as-office-storage

The Budget

$5.99 –I box jumbo wooden craft sticks

$3.79- Platinum spray paint

$3.79- Bronze spray paint

$3.79- Gold spray paint

$2.94- Sample size Glidden Golden Brown paint (Home Depot)

$9.95- Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Paint

$19.95 - Wooden rolling tea tray from thrift shop (it came with a glass top)
TOTAL: $50.20 52 projects smaller Stunningly Simple Turquoise Geometric Lamp for Less than $52 This project was Week 10: we will be adding a new video to our YES Spaces DIY page every Thursday for the next 42 weeks! And based on your input we will have directions and when needed measurements and plans here every week as well. So be sure to subscribe here and over on YouTube so you don’t miss anything! I am currently cooking up all the projects and simultaneously pulling together our MESS to YES makeover schedule for the year so if you have projects or spaces you are struggling with and would like some inspiration let me know and I will try to tackle as many as I can here this year. Signature Transparent Stunningly Simple Turquoise Geometric Lamp for Less than $52 If you want a stylish, family-friendly home contact YES Spaces today! I would love to talk to you about your family and your space!

Visit our YES Spaces DIY channel to see videos of other family friendly projects!

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