22 Days of Gratitude: Our Thanksgiving Table

by Barbara on November 22, 2012

It is 11:30 PM pacific time on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve?)  the table is finally set and the video almost ready to post! Whew! It was one of those weeks where I just couldn’t catch up and every time I thought we had things figured out something else came up.

We are at the Washington coast for a small relaxed family Thanksgiving so I wanted the table to use some of the blues all around us while still including beautiful fall colors.

I used some Mexican pottery plates I have to tie the blues and orange-yellow together. I brought my pumpkin tureens for our traditional Carrot Dill Soup.

I came across a number of beautiful table setting ideas this year that were simpler with whites, and a less is more feel. But when I started setting our table I realized that I did not want to be as formal as some of those tables were but I also just like a full, bountiful look. That is my style. I don’t come to the beach with five mini pumpkins for a bowl on the table I bring 20, plus gourds, squash, moss balls, fabric, candles… and mound them on the table. I always bring more than I think I will need so I will also share that I did not use the artichokes, moss or seashells I thought I would use…I’m not a minimalist.

I hope that your table is set in a way that makes you feel happy and your family feel welcomed. Take a look behind the scenes at how our table was styled. (Disclaimer! I could not shoot this until almost 9 PM and I am literally in my pajamas with no makeup but I love seeing how things come together so we did just a little bit of stop action for you.)

I am grateful my son made it to the beach safely after work today and was willing to then set up the camera and edit the video – it is now midnight and he is still working.

I am grateful we have this little spot to escape to as a family. A small house fosters a lot of laughter and we have laughed a lot today.

I am grateful my husband is a patient person. His first batch of pumpkin pie filling spilled on the kitchen floor – he cleaned up (HUGE mess) went to the store and baked two more pies while I set the table!

I am grateful that my husband’s mid-life crisis was to go to culinary school so all I am expected to cook tomorrow is my traditional stuffing. (But never fear I have about six projects lined up!)

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with patient people, the laughter of children and the love of family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Barbara

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