22 Days of Gratitude: Spaces that Invite Creativity

by Barbara on November 19, 2012

This is the time of year when mom’s lists become too long and their days become too short. My children have this entire week off from school which means I either get to vacation with them or work and feel guilty about it. I have been half working all weekend and that is never a good solution!


So I am loading the family in the car and we are heading to the coast. I am bringing plenty of art supplies because I periodically need a time of open creativity to free my brain from the mundane.


I will also have to clean house, cook dinner, do laundry, but the whole family helps and then there are blocks of open time. There isn’t a whole lot to do out on the tip of the Long Beach Peninsula (Washington)! Especially given the drippy weather forecast!


I also have a book lined master bedroom with my favorite classic mystery novels. I’m talking Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayer. So I plan to spend some quality time with these old friends as well.

My goal is to come home with a head bursting with new ideas rather than overcrowded with daily tasks – which happens to be the current state of things.

Studio of Jeydia White

I hope you take some time for yourself either this week or even next week when the kids go back to school to recharge your batteries and your brain cells before heading into the madness of December.


You don’t have to exclude your family. Put out materials for them to create as well. Avoid “kits” because the pressure to have the final product look like the picture on the box can remove the enjoyment. Just put out “open ended” materials and let their imagination lead the charge.

I am grateful to have this break to recharge.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the creative process with my children.

I am grateful to the local school district for forcing this on me!

xo Barbara

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