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What is ‘Mess to Yes’?

Here at Yes Spaces, I’m always looking for new ways to help families figure out how to balance maintaining a beautiful home and still letting kids be kids. We all know what it’s like trying to keep the house nice while battling muddy feet, backpacks, socks, and a million other messes.

If you’d like to see more, feel free to take a look at our other Mess to Yes Projects.

What is a Mess?

I think any mom can answer this question. Write to us about any design problem you’re having that involves your kids, such as:

  • How do I place my daughter’s bookcase and desk in her small room and still allow play space?
  • Can we create a less distracting study area in this shared room?
  • We don’t have a “mud room.” So what do we do with all of these shoes, jackets, backpacks…?
  • How can I use my living room and dining room more effectively now that my toddlers are, well… toddling?!

What do I do?

Send us a quick description of your mess and an image (if you’ve got one), and I’d love to help you turn it into a Yes Space!

Once you submit your mess I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with some questions, and we can figure out what to do together. We also feature Messes on the blog every week, so let us know if that’s something you’d be okay with. You can stay anonymous if you’d like!


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